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A little about me

Hello there! My name is Ravi. This is my corner on the world wide web. There are many like it, but this one is mine. And it reflects my eclectic collection of thoughts, hobbies, and activities.

I like to have a few writing hobbies underway - fiction or otherwise.

My Blog

I used to have free time, lots of free time. I used that time to work on a variety of geeky, nerdy activities and blog about them. Ranging in topics from technology to philosophy. Well written summaries to poorly written junk. It is all right here.

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Did I mention I used to have free time? Movies was a big pastime during that period and here are a collection of movie reviews from that time. Accompanied with bright movie posters.

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I love to write. When the thoughts count more than words, you will see me heading over to my blog. But when the structure and words count just as much as thoughts, I usually write an article, poem, piece of fiction or a travelogue.

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I like to code sometimes. Some attempts of code are below.

Card game War Simulator

In early 2021, our family discovered a card game called “War”. Watching the game I figured it would be good to just watch the game without mechanically doing the steps. So built out a simulator with HTML and Javascript.

Open simulator

Sudoku Solver

I was not great with solving Sudoku puzzles by hand. I wrote a brute-force method, but failed. This is my second attempt at using a standard recursive algorithm.

Open Solver

Math Expression Evaluator

Infix and postfix expressions were my first serious algorithms. I've always wanted to actually implement them without all the 'do it by hand' business. This is an attempt.

Open Evaluator

Hangman Game

A hangman (and Wheel of Fortune) based word and phrase guessing game. A simple game to practice guessing.

Open Game


Everyone wants to play Wordle. But you need to wait a whole day for the next game. What if you did not have to? Built this by borrowing the look and feel + word lists from Wordle. The logic implementation is all mine.

Open InstaWordle

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Album from the trip to Cornwall

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Other albums coming soon

Site Information

A brief history of the website
  • Version 6 (this version) is a much simplified version in line with the lack of time and ability to endlessly tweak. The blogger properties look and feel different, but everything will link to everything else. And everything will be responsive. Which is more than what I can achieve my myself.

  • Version 5 - this site. XHTML+CSS based. New professional looking design - with decent separation of content and markup. For the first time my blog is also publishing via FTP to my domain. Also implemented a consistent design between the blog and the rest of the site, making the transition between them seamless. No longer using a WYSIWYG tool - back to writing HTML by hand - using Notepad++.

  • Version 4 - first version hosted on my own domain (wayback machine) and the name of the site was changed to Used a little bit of CSS, still had a bit of markup within the HTML though. Also since I had hosting, this version simplified template management through server side includes. Used Dreamweaver to build and maintain the pages.

  • Version 3 - first frame-less version (wayback machine). Still hosted on Geocities. Used a self developed template. Based on, I think CNET, BBC and a bunch of others. I think the hodgepodge of color schemes reflects that.

  • Version 2 - a frame based version, because I wanted to have consistent navigation across different pages in the site. Also implemented a new design. This was hosted on Geocities as well.

  • Version 1 - hosted on Geocities. Just a few pages, no real navigation or an attempt to link things up. This is when the name Quaxzarron was first used for the site.