Embedding Google Fast Flip as a Gadget

If you use Google News, you probably have seen Fast Flip. Fast Flip basically takes screenshots of news articles from a certain set of new sites, and allows you to browse the news by flipping through images. As a result you get to see news formatted better than in a news aggregator, but still cover news from a variety of sources.

I wondered if there was a way to embed fast flip in any site. There wasn't a gadget I could find, but with a bit of copy-pasting it was not so difficult after all. The code for doing it is in the next tab.

<iframe class="gadget-iframe-contents" frameborder="0"

The embed uses an iframe to display the embedded fast-flip images. The underlying URL seems to have been created for embedding into the Google News website. Although the URL uses a parameter "fullw", changing it does not seem to make any difference to the output image size. For now, therefore, the gadget is to be used as-is.

Disclaimer: Did not see anything that suggested Google frowns upon using fast-flip this way, but use it at your own risk.